Welcome to the virtual Five Space Cafe!

This website is in honor of Jerry Weinberg and Ginger Hobbs, the creators of the Five Spice Cafe, and Cheryl Herrick, their daughter knows most of the cafe’s secrets.

I hope this website will be a place for people to share recipes and memories from the Five Spice Cafe in Burlington, Vermont.

Anything posted on this website is in the public domain. If you share a recipe on another website, please include “Five Spice Cafe” in front of the name of the recipe or mention this website in the post. If you own a restaurant and add one of these recipes to your menu, please post a comment with your address so that the many Five Spice Cafe fans can try it out (and support your restaurant).

John Canning, August 2020


The two largest contributors to this project are Jerry, who pulled all of these recipes together in the first place, and MEF, who wrote out almost all of the recipes cards (her cards are the ones that are written in neat and legible hand writing).

This project never would have been possible without Sam Palmisano, who deeded the recipes to me during a most tumultuous game of strip poker.

Thanks also go out to the many people who have provided recipes and improvements to this project. They include: Simonne Gratton, Chip Hart, Cheryl Herrick, Piper Nightingale Benoit, Austin Sipes, and Tom Williams.

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