Catfish Satay

This mild but flavorful dish originally was made with swordfish. It struck me one day how much swordfish was being sold in this one small city alone. Seemed obvious that the world was gonna run out of swordfish so we stopped using that ingredient, and eventually stopped using tuna, monkfish, shark, marlin — all endangeredContinue reading “Catfish Satay”

Shrimp With Lobster Sauce

People forever ask me how it came to be that some guy from Brooklyn wound up opening the first multi-Asian (people now say “Pan-Asian”) restaurant in the hemisphere—at least as our diligent searching has been able to determine. First, my ex-wife and business partner, Ginger Hobbs, bought me a wok in the early seventies, andContinue reading “Shrimp With Lobster Sauce”

Evil Jungle Prince, Princess, and Dumplings

The Evil Jungle dishes at Five Spice were among the most iconic and perhaps the recipes in highest demand. Unfortunately, the official recipe card for Evil Jungle Prince either never existed or was lost in the fire. However, we have the recipe cards for the aromatics (perhaps the most important part), Evil Jungle Princess, andContinue reading “Evil Jungle Prince, Princess, and Dumplings”


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