Zenhua’s Tofu

This recipe has some notes from Jerry, though he didn’t complete the recipe details. Fortunately, the recipe card still exists. Note that his recipe notes don’t refer to the restaurant recipe. A fellow who was a professor at the University of Vermont worked at Five Spice for maybe a year, and he brought in aContinue reading “Zenhua’s Tofu”

House Moose

The official recipe card for the amazing Moose recipe is difficult to read, but we have Jerry’s personal recipe and notes. If anyone wants to take a stab at interpreting the card, we’ve shared it below. We keep a tame but drunk, tan moose in the alley at Five Spice CafĂ©. (In fifteen years, notContinue reading “House Moose”


Whoops, we just found this recipe for Gingersnaps, which are an important piece of the Ginger Tangerine Cheesecake recipe!


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