Steamed Chicken with Mushrooms and Chinese Sausage

Everyone loves this dish—especially the cook, who has it waiting to steam while he or she prepares their stir fries and salads. It’s a wonderful aid in preparing a Chinese banquet. The best way to make this is bones-and-all, cutting chicken into bite size pieces with a good Chinese cleaver—but avoid using cleaver for choppingContinue reading “Steamed Chicken with Mushrooms and Chinese Sausage”

Spicy Chicken Wings

If I ever printed the recipe for our Indonesian Chicken Wings, not only would I be summarily shot, but I guarantee a Six Spice Cafe would immediately open within two blocks. Anyway, try this easy and interesting take on the delicious little appendages. The heat level is entirely up to you! An excellent appetizer —Continue reading “Spicy Chicken Wings”


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