Chicken Sesame Dumplings

Usually served only during Sunday Dim Sum, people still asked for them all week long.

The recipe card calls for four pounds of chicken thighs. Chicken thighs have a lot more flavor and are juicer than chicken breasts, so don’t upgrade the protein in this recipe.

The recipe uses round dumpling wrappers. The recipe card shows how to fill and shape the dumpling wrapper.

I’ve linked to the Siu Mai Dipping Sauce. Please tell me if you think that is appropriate or not in the comments section.

Recipe Card

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3 thoughts on “Chicken Sesame Dumplings

  1. Celena and Genevieve made the sesame chicken dumplings yesterday. It was always Celena’s childhood dream to roll dumplings with Jerry when she was a grown up. They are delicious. My children were all weened on the Five Spice. Jerry would be proud of the girls. So much love.

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