3 Mushroom Stirfry with Chef’s Sauce (Two Versions)

I visited friends Karin and Ed Sanicki in Jersey and used the local supermarket and some sauces in my friends’ fridge to make the following—actually, a somewhat different version. From Jersey I went to Manhattan to visit friends Bert and Ruth Lessuck, and Ruth didn’t want me to use much oil, so… Jerry Weinberg

Jerry’s Two-Side Noodles

This is a complementing dish, usually used with saucy dishes—here we might use it in an unorthodox way with Ginger Beef, or Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, the latter almost always served with rice. This is tricky. Don’t try it till you’ve familiarized yourself with complex dishes. Fry this noodle cake—in some ways similar to noodleContinue reading “Jerry’s Two-Side Noodles”