Evil Jungle Prince, Princess, and Dumplings

The Evil Jungle dishes at Five Spice were among the most iconic and perhaps the recipes in highest demand. Unfortunately, the official recipe card for Evil Jungle Prince either never existed or was lost in the fire. However, we have the recipe cards for the aromatics (perhaps the most important part), Evil Jungle Princess, andContinue reading “Evil Jungle Prince, Princess, and Dumplings”

Making a New York Style Cheesecake

“New York-Style” here refers to density. I’d say the traditional New York cheesecake was either lemon or vanilla flavored, but obviously this has changed a lot. Cheesecakes are tricky, and I had to ruin a bunch before I could make one good one. But you don’t have to, once you know a few basic safeguards.Continue reading “Making a New York Style Cheesecake”

Maple Scotch (3 Variations)

There are multiple variations of the famous Maple Scotch recipe in the Five Spice library, each shared here. Geoffrey Stokes, a former food columnist for the Village Voice in New York City (he later moved to Vermont) started me on my ruinous road to liqueur making. People are forever asking, “How did you make that?”Continue reading “Maple Scotch (3 Variations)”